Kamis, 06 Agustus 2015

Why'd you try to be somebody else

...when you could be yourself?
As time goes by and new people keep coming up to your life; whether they only "recognize" you or they know you as their relation that we called friend, I understand that there are some reasons why people try to be someone else, or become a copycat, or what-so-ever you name it.
We live a life where all this technologies surrounds us. By the technologies evolving, there come these crucial thing for social life called social media (yes, blame it all to social media it's so sacred we can't live without it). It's the biggest influence in our social life nowadays, no?
It facilitate us to reach many information; in this case, fashion trends. However, the negative side affects us a lot; the standard of become a-girl-to-be-admire, fashionable, a fashion-forward becomes slightly boring, then there goes this stereotype of  girl-to-be-admire or in Bahasa we called it "Kekinian", "Hits" or something like that oh cmon you know you got what I'm trying to spell out here. It's a kind of peer-pressure in a big range.
For example, this "monochrome" trend that everyone try to dress in monochrome. No, it's good. I adore those people who consistence and the style is really who they are, but not for those person who grab the style only to catch attention, and they will leave that ashamed behind.
There is also this reason: they don't really know you but she thinks you're cool enough that she need to "compete" with you in persistence and become better than you or just...become slightly you. I don't have to explain you in this case.

People busy representing their life as perfect as it could be in social media that they forget to improve their quality in real life.Their attitude, their heart (what?). Well it's also a self-reminder for us, for me.
Please, fix your personality. I can't imagine how Alexa Chung or Kendall Jenner deal with this haha but I think they don't really mind but it bother me.
Doesn't it good to express your disappointment as something positive than just lying down in your bed and getting upset all the time.... Haha don't get me wrong I don't really mad at this because I laughed too hard when I realized this kind of thing. It really made my day, for sure.
Have a good day!

3 komentar:

Bellamoreway mengatakan...

i get what you mean, its like these days everyone perceptions on beauty, trends, etc, are the same till it gets to a state of a bit 'boring' for me. well, whats so wrong at being different right?~


Adeayu Hadijah mengatakan...

I'm totally agree with your thought, and yes, all we need is fix our personality first.

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mutianugrabita mengatakan...

Bella: yes you get it and even you could explain it better than me:"))
kak Adeayu: agree!