Rabu, 18 Januari 2017

DIY: Fringe Pants

Doing this kind of stuff is always fun, actually. As posted on my previous post, I wore my DIY fringe pants and I would love to tell you how the process was but I only took one (not even proper) picture of it and it's not even the step :")
So here we go: The equipment.

1. The pants you never wear
2. Tassels
3. Sewing-thread and Needle
4. Scissors

I didn't use any measurement tools, hehe. That's not good.
My trick was determined the edges (the stitches area, right and left) and the middle part. I sewed 8 tassels each side of the leg (3 on the front, 2 on the edges, 3 on the back) and tadaaa you have a new pants.

Anyway, do you prefer to read or watch? Perhaps in the future I would like to make some tutorial video of DIY stuffs. Still learning how to make a good video so it would be clearer. Therefore, I'll keep writing of course.

Oh, have a good rest everyone.

Sabtu, 14 Januari 2017


First post in 2017!
Tassel, poms, and another furry things has ben the hottest trend from last year until now and I'm totally into it so this look might explain it all.
Coming back with this DIY stuff I did on my last exam day because I was too distracted. This pants had never been worn by me for years but finally I did something to this. Yaa, added some tassels to each side yay!

OUTFIT: ATS Outerwear, diy tassel pants, Chiel pom slippers, h&m bag

So what's your 2017 resolution? Been so out of shape lately and exercise more seems to be my only choice, but it's stil...always easier to find excuses. But, many good things to come in 2017, hopefully.

I think I need someone to remind me to get myself another bag. Hehe. Not really into bag kind of girl.
Have a nice weekend!