Jumat, 20 Februari 2015


It's finally 2015 and my last post was in August 2014. And today is February which mean I had been neglected this blog for...6months. Oh. Time flies, that soon.
So much rain that it created much puddles on the road and this slip-on shoes could handle that hahaha. Idk why Im so happy. It feels like you can cheat life a little. Stay warm with the long cardi and warm skirt but never forget the slit detail to make it a bit more elegants. Prints tanktop with the same tone would give some spice to your look.
Monochrome is the best, after all. I can't lie that these colors has always success to make me feel..safer, but doesn't look "less". It feels like I'm back to my junior hi school phase.

I sometimes feel that my hair doesn't suit me. But I really love my long fringe so it can cover my wide face a little.

PS: Don't forget to bring your stunning umbrella because it rain (almost) everyday!

Jumat, 22 Agustus 2014


White is on.

OUTFIT: schoneandhazzle long slit outer, unbranded short, gosh transparent clutch, gaudi black necklace,  rimsdaily shoes

Been 5days since the 69th independence day of Indonesia, so there are still those flags in front of my house and along the way..

Which one is the best pose? I really need your help haha. Happy fridaynight peeps

PS: don't forget to check my crafts and order it only at NATIVE :)

Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

Little Town

There much stories here I created in this little town, Yogyakarta. Happiness, joyous, depression, plight, anxious, love, you name it. Living abroad has teach me to handle it (mostly) alone. Friends became your family there who take care of you while family couldn't.

Leaving this town, this quick, is something I never imagined before. It is like you have planned sooo many things in the next 4 years and it's all gone. You have to burry these plans and face new life  for a better future, they said.

OUTFIT: gaudi stripe top, unbranded rebel jeans & necklace, sister's mango envelope bag & juju jelly shoes, flowery bucket (I forget the brand)

These pictures sums up a little lifestyle in Jogja. Bicycle, bus. The atmosphere that day that describe the warmth, homey, and nice side of this town made me even harder to leave this town and state it later:  "I don't live here anymore". And here I'am now, comeback to my hometown, Semarang.

But then I think, it's your duty to create your own future doesn't it? I actually never want to think about this and let everything flows the way it should be. Regrets, is the final result. But bcs put down this content is not a crime, so I wanna let my words out through this post and you won't find me write about this anymore.

So long, my Little Town.

Sabtu, 16 Agustus 2014

Quick slit

Well I mean a quick post on saturday night, wearing a slit skirt. My new favorite sandals of the month! Lately I love this kind of footwear bcs it's very comfy yet stunning enough.

OUTFIT: unbranded crop top, unbranded slit skirt (bought it at schoneandhazzle), rimsdaily white sandals

Well I hope it inspire you!

Selasa, 08 Juli 2014

July Collection and GIVEAWAY (soon!)

New earlier July Collection for NATIVE, visit the store HERE

And to celebrate my birthday on next July 17th, I will hold a GIVEAWAY *excited* and you can WIN 1 OF MY NATIVE COLLECTION for one lucky winner <3>

Stay tune everybody! It's for INDONESIAN only :))

Jumat, 20 Juni 2014

Art Fair Jogja 2014

Am I comeback too soon? :))
I would like to share an event in Jogja that will end in June 22nd (so I post it as soon as I could), Art Fair Jogja 2014 with "Legacies of Power" theme placed in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. I didn't capture all of the masterpiece but you can enjoy some here. Just scroll down.

At the front of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta you would see this. I think it describe how our leaders is.

Most of the creation tells us about how our artists sees the politics in Indonesia. They expressed it from their creation and some of them are very thoughtful. But I'm not really touched cs it seems like they hate an era; youknowwhatimean, a lot. Like it's the darkness age for Indonesia. Why people............

But overall, I adore most of the creation :)) btw can you find the different between these 2 painting? Wops I'm sorry I'm blocking haha

By the way, this was my outfit of the day. Have I told you that I lovvee cloud pattern like crazy? And this one is my favie bcs it's so comfy, and artsy anyhow hahaha.




You would see many of this signs in Jogja

My favorite part of the fair! Haha


And we (me and mom) ended the day ate lunch at my favie place, Holycow! But I don't know why it's still much tastier and more delicious at Jakarta (all of the outlets)

Happy freeday!