Senin, 23 Mei 2016

For What It's Worth

Greetings, universe.
In real life, it wouldn't be a proper time to greet someone, unless you're a civet. Yes you know what I mean.
......well that's not my best line.
This look inspired by those talented girl out there who can play guitar and I found it attractive to match it with tutu. And this tutu skirt is my favorite because it's not like the other tutu. It's comfy. Oh and the guitar belongs to my dad. I'm not really good at playing this instrument.

OUTFIT: GAP high neck top (sister's), Hanna & Duhita tutu skirt, Charles & Keith wedges

I write this post while listening to Kygo's newest album, Cloud Nine, which launched last May 13th and it's totally awesome. When I know the upcoming tracklist from this album I promptly curious and excited because he collaborate with numbers of my favorite singer & band (well let's mention them...Kodaline, James Vincent McMorrow, Foxes, Julia Michaels, also the craziest ever: Angus & Julia Stone!) and BAM! it's not disappointing at all. Great work, Kygo.

So many contents to write because this brain is going to pop out. But that's it for today.

Anyway, Happy Vesak Day for those who celebrate.

Sabtu, 23 April 2016

April 23rd 2016

2016 and I'm going 20 this year. An apology for none because it's been months since my last post and this page is kinda forgotten. At least for me. Hehe. Surprise for you because I'm finally back and got my mood to write again. Well I guess enough for the intermezzo.
I don't know what 2016 has bring you because it's still the 4th month of the year. The older your age, the more you will experience things.
I see, almost everyday, collegian at my faculty are tired with their own activity. Doing college task(s), organization activity, part time work, until chasing lecturer for their thesis. Well the last one seems tiring. I tends to be apathy but...I just know.
How about me? I was drown into this organization things, or perhaps it is just me drowning myself a little too deep because I didn't know the depth before.
It is me, never been able of being a busy person before. I know it's nothing than my friends or a lot people out there and this one is not me whining and grouching because it's over, at least for couples of day. But it engendered some pains and it remains. But we have to be grateful rite?
Driving is a way to keep me sober. By driving it means with the audio on, and dozens of  good albums of course. And mark this, I live in Semarang where the traffic is fine. I even sometimes enjoyed traffic jams which is rarely happen here.
Quoting from Beats Apart by Alanda Kariza & Kevin Aditya, "Perhaps traffic jam can be attributed as the modern-day counterpart of contemplating beneath the shade of an apple tree" and yes there's no better words to explain why I enjoy traffic jam.
And I read lately. Crazy how I really addicted to read and makes me realize that I've waste my life, like, how many great books passes for me to read? What have I done with my life before?
Anyway, now I'm with B that sometimes I think that we're just both two different pole magnet trying to get together, but it somehow works. Sometimes I just hate that he's far.
Well, this 4months of 2016 has taught me that sometimes when you want or need something, you only need to ask. Don't keep it yourself.

This post is more likely to share about my "How's your life?" things and to greet you since this is the first post of the year. See you on my normal #OOTD post!

Sabtu, 21 November 2015

Blue Life.

Tadaa! 2 post in one day won't be a problem, right?

Feels like Alice in Wonderland every time I wear this dress. Where did it come from? I tailored it at a local tailor in my hometown. I love the color that much. And also my to-go flats recently, lace-up flats from COLORBOX. It feels good to wear a nice dress in a nice weather.

So I will talk about anything despite all of the pictures I post here.
First thing first. Straight to the point, lately been listening to Barasuara, just a local indie band. Wait. Did I say "just"? Well, they're way more than that. It's been a while since I'm that click to an album, and it happens to be a local band (mmm, beside Currents by Tame Impala). I'm so amazed by their masterpiece, anyway. They bring music to a whole new level. So proud.

Second. Life. I might not have enough experience to advise people. But if you want something to be simple, don't think about it the other way or you will get complicated life. Please, for your own sake, if you want something, do it. Take it while it exist. Because regret is very painful.
Sometimes life push you to considering other people opinion but remember, that's only an OPINION. They don't really know what thing is actually good for you. They're only give you suggestion(s). In the end, it's all back to your decision. Just...don't lie to yourself, even you do that to make your relatives happy. Remember, you need to be as happy as you want to see your relatives happy. Don't forget about yourself :))
Sometimes you need to take a risk, to see a better future. For everyone. Be patient, because there's also trial & error in real life.
And the last, if you want to do things, remember. People don't care about yourself as much as you do, so keep going, because it's your life. As long as your kind of happiness isn't that one who take away other's happiness :)
Your insecurity might harm you in the long term. It sometimes lead you to take what other people suggest you, because you don't believe in yourself. But wait. Miracle happens when you believe in yourself. What's in your mind is what going to happen. So train your brain to be a positive thinker.
............I hope my words is that easy to do in real life. Be brave, people, be brave.
But sometimes we only need to chill.
Regards, Me.

Serious day

Seriously, I need a firm reminder to blog. You know, it's when there are a lot of things to share but you don't make time to write, it feels like your head is going to pop, like a popcorn. So finally today, I blog *yeay* *cheers*
So this #ootd post is occasional, which means I would rarely wear this look but it happened to be my recent style to attend a wedding.
About the skirt, it's not too tricky. You only need to wrap your batik fabric here and there to create this look and it's easy. Just simply match it with a simple top (and I would pick the comfiest one, in the most neutral color). And a clear pump wedges of course. I don't know why I always love this combination :"))

A simple hair-do and make up if you want a minimalist look, or the opposite for fascinated look. A minimalist look would be better for mid day (noon) occasion!:)
Enjoy your Saturday.
Regards, Me.

Kamis, 10 September 2015

Time can do anything

As I wrote on my previous post, time can do anything. Do you believe that?

"Time elapse, memories stay" . Memories and time. Two things that we value more than anything in this life because we can't buy it with money. They even could create their own relation.
Time could make something more valuable. The older the age, the more valuable it will be. Memories consist of events happen in several certain time. Good memories get us crave for those days back, bad memories teach us about the meaning of life or simply knock us in the head what's good to be done and what's not on the next time.

Time heals. Time kills. Time covers. Time reveals. Time bounds. Time separates.
 Time can be very friendly but it also can turns out to be our enemy if we don't use it wisely. So, use your time as well as possible. Treat it as well as it could be and finally, regret nothing.

Have a blessed Thursday!

Jumat, 04 September 2015

Some shadows are demands to be shown

These are some old photos before I trimmed my hair due to my hair-loss problem, even wayyy before the fasting month. For daily updates of outfit and landscapes pictures, follow my instagram @arabita_

High neck or as I formerly known as turtle neck is one of my favorite items since I was in junior high school. This year when this high neck is back to trend and many shops sell this kind of outfit, I ordered some heehee and this one from Retail Therapy is the best purchase I've done so far. Anyway if you following my blog since the beginning and if you notice, Retail Therapy is also one of my favorite place to shop because they have a loooott of cool stuffs (basically I love winter outfit and they're selling outerwear, sweaters, coats so...we click!). I personally recommend you this local brand. What's not to love from them?
The floppy hat came from family stuff . You guys could get them in a very affordable price.

So what's the relation between the title and this post?
I only want to say to the girls all around the world, that we don't need to create "an image" too much in public. Once you create an image, you will be slipped there and it will be harder to get up and show your true self. Shadow here means your flaws, your past whether it's good or bad, etc. People will judge you anyway.
"Actually, you don't have to cover it all because time reveal."
Time can do anything.

(To be continued)

Have a great day!