Senin, 17 Maret 2014


Hello peeps! I learn a lot for the last 6 months, and uh hey been a longtime! Now I run my own little shop named NATIVE, you can find it HERE  . It's like finally (one of) my dream come true! Go visit them for sure and you'll find necklaces designed and made by myself with an affordable price :))
I took a lot of outfit pics but the world turned and everybody goes to instagram, so do I. Outfit of the day has become a lifestyle for everybody, I guess the world should thank bloggers from anywhere it is who has spread it to common people (yes bcs bloggers was from common people too). I found not only the people I've been knowing since I blog but there are many new comers and they're awesomely great. The different is bloggers do write and igers only post pictures, and another great thing is people can enjoy it, without have to read (for those who only want to see a references of outfit). Blogger's instagram was about to spread their site more to people, but it turned different now, in a good way, somehow.
I'm a bit missing those time when blogger's website are sooo hype, hyper than their instagram account, when people really into blog, when our fav blogger Diana Rikasari got a lot of comments in every post she posted (admit it). That's kindda cute to remember.
So here it is, some of the pics I took, as long as I remember it was between 2-3 months ago. Oh yes, my bad. I didn't even notice the picture I choose captured the same shoes haha. It's all raw photos so please sorry the lightning

Yes she's my personal photographer hahaha no. She helped me to push the shutter button. The camera of course already stand on a tripod. And we experienced a little accident when I tried to carry her

And this one is older, but I don't know when is it. Why so sure that it's older? Well, just notice my hair...

I guess all I want to say is, I miss blogging. Goodnight all

Minggu, 24 November 2013

God Loves You, anyway

When you don't know how to solve your problems, God will help you with God's own way. It doesm't always ended up with something you've planned or maybe imagine before, and it doesn't always happen in a nice way.Your heart might get broken first but you'll feel relieved in the end. I guess I have to be the most thankful person in the world after what happened to me.
Sometimes, to pass through your problem, you only need to get along with them, sacrifice something, and wait (yes, this is the most important thing). Then miracle happens. Problem will be solved itself in the end. But it doesn't mean that you don't need to try. Courage, is all you need.
Something bad happen in your life doesnt always belongs to karma. Think from the other side. Be out of the box, open up your mind, get a new fresh air to breath. Be thankful, and that's the way you live.

You can say that I'm obsessed with some sky prints and I finally got it. It gives you serenity and joy when you wear it hahaha. Plus, a good hair can turns your day into an extra awesome day :))

OUTFIT: H&M white dress, unbranded skyprint longtee by schone and hazzle, we one way design rainbow heels, riots barbie yellow sunnies

Well, this is my niece and she's getting older and growing day by day. This is one of the reason I often miss my home:")

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013


Lately being afraid of statuses. To be wise, it's not because of I'm hand-off of responsibility, it makes you feel safer. Just it. But you have to confront it someday, by yourself.

OUTFIT: unbranded frill crop top, mom's old side slit skirt, we one way design clear heels, charles and keith bag

Happy Eid Al Adha everyone. Welcome to the reality for all college students:)) I miss these friiieeenndddss btw:")

Minggu, 15 September 2013

Go Back Then

Life continues and college will begin tomorow *actually it has been started from last week* but I guess tomorow will be a......real college life. And I don't know, it feel hard to leave home this time. No matter what, you HAVE to back to school...I mean college.

OUTFIT: schone and hazzle ruffle skirt, esprit bag

Don't miss me!

Senin, 12 Agustus 2013


Happy (late) Eid Day for those who celebrate. How was your eid day? Is there anybody who think that this year is more quite than usual? Even the traffic isn't as crowded as the years before. I spent my eid day in Semarang and on the 2nd dayI went to Jogja (of course). It tooks 5 hours (which means an hour faster) in an eid day traffic.

The atmosphere of this celebration always makes me happy, and of course all of the Indonesian peoples. Happy holiday :))

Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

Popular Song

"You were the popular one the popular chick, it is what it is, now I'm popular-ishStanding on the field with your pretty pompoms now you're working at the movie selling popular corn
I could have been a mess but I never went wrong cause I'm putting down my story in a popular song"

"My problem, I never was a model I never was a scholar, you were always popular
You were singing all the songs I don't know, now you're in the front row cause my song is popular"

"Always on the lookout for someone to hate, picking on me like a dinner plateYou tried to make me feel bad with the things you do, it ain't so funny when the joke's on you uh, the joke's on you got everyone laughing, got everyone clapping, asking how come you look so cool, cause that's the only thing that I've learned at school"

Well they say high school is never end and your friends will always be there, but the fact, I miss them already, knowing the fact that we'll separated sooo far away dispersed in different cities in Java. And me? I'll move to Jogja soon to continue my study. I'm a proud International Relation student now! :))

"Popular, I know about popular
And all that you have to do, is be true to you, that's all you ever need to know
Catch up, cause you got an awful long way to go" Popular Song - Mika ft Ariana Grande

I don't know... I feel that all you gotta do is listen to this song and this kindda reveal the unrevealed things. I just....don't wanna be rude

Eid mubarak is gettin closer. Brace yourself pals! Especially for the travellers or homecomers, take care while on the road. It's very crowded and of course traffic jam everywhere :))