Minggu, 24 November 2013

God Loves You, anyway

When you don't know how to solve your problems, God will help you with God's own way. It doesm't always ended up with something you've planned or maybe imagine before, and it doesn't always happen in a nice way.Your heart might get broken first but you'll feel relieved in the end. I guess I have to be the most thankful person in the world after what happened to me.
Sometimes, to pass through your problem, you only need to get along with them, sacrifice something, and wait (yes, this is the most important thing). Then miracle happens. Problem will be solved itself in the end. But it doesn't mean that you don't need to try. Courage, is all you need.
Something bad happen in your life doesnt always belongs to karma. Think from the other side. Be out of the box, open up your mind, get a new fresh air to breath. Be thankful, and that's the way you live.

You can say that I'm obsessed with some sky prints and I finally got it. It gives you serenity and joy when you wear it hahaha. Plus, a good hair can turns your day into an extra awesome day :))

OUTFIT: H&M white dress, unbranded skyprint longtee by schone and hazzle, we one way design rainbow heels, riots barbie yellow sunnies

Well, this is my niece and she's getting older and growing day by day. This is one of the reason I often miss my home:")

Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013


Lately being afraid of statuses. To be wise, it's not because of I'm hand-off of responsibility, it makes you feel safer. Just it. But you have to confront it someday, by yourself.

OUTFIT: unbranded frill crop top, mom's old side slit skirt, we one way design clear heels, charles and keith bag

Happy Eid Al Adha everyone. Welcome to the reality for all college students:)) I miss these friiieeenndddss btw:")

Minggu, 15 September 2013

Go Back Then

Life continues and college will begin tomorow *actually it has been started from last week* but I guess tomorow will be a......real college life. And I don't know, it feel hard to leave home this time. No matter what, you HAVE to back to school...I mean college.

OUTFIT: schone and hazzle ruffle skirt, esprit bag

Don't miss me!

Senin, 12 Agustus 2013


Happy (late) Eid Day for those who celebrate. How was your eid day? Is there anybody who think that this year is more quite than usual? Even the traffic isn't as crowded as the years before. I spent my eid day in Semarang and on the 2nd dayI went to Jogja (of course). It tooks 5 hours (which means an hour faster) in an eid day traffic.

The atmosphere of this celebration always makes me happy, and of course all of the Indonesian peoples. Happy holiday :))

Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

Popular Song

"You were the popular one the popular chick, it is what it is, now I'm popular-ishStanding on the field with your pretty pompoms now you're working at the movie selling popular corn
I could have been a mess but I never went wrong cause I'm putting down my story in a popular song"

"My problem, I never was a model I never was a scholar, you were always popular
You were singing all the songs I don't know, now you're in the front row cause my song is popular"

"Always on the lookout for someone to hate, picking on me like a dinner plateYou tried to make me feel bad with the things you do, it ain't so funny when the joke's on you uh, the joke's on you got everyone laughing, got everyone clapping, asking how come you look so cool, cause that's the only thing that I've learned at school"

Well they say high school is never end and your friends will always be there, but the fact, I miss them already, knowing the fact that we'll separated sooo far away dispersed in different cities in Java. And me? I'll move to Jogja soon to continue my study. I'm a proud International Relation student now! :))

"Popular, I know about popular
And all that you have to do, is be true to you, that's all you ever need to know
Catch up, cause you got an awful long way to go" Popular Song - Mika ft Ariana Grande

I don't know... I feel that all you gotta do is listen to this song and this kindda reveal the unrevealed things. I just....don't wanna be rude

Eid mubarak is gettin closer. Brace yourself pals! Especially for the travellers or homecomers, take care while on the road. It's very crowded and of course traffic jam everywhere :))

Kamis, 25 Juli 2013

Called out in the dark

I'm missing this world for each day of my daily-non productive-life! I really do. I got so many stories to share, start from my graduation, my promnight, even until my birthday on last july 17th! Too bad I couldn't share them to you guys

*So why now when you get a chance to blog, you don't share what you gonna share?
**Well then let them happen anw, you can stalk me via instagram thou :p just try to post random pictures and create a random story (yeaa beside, my cardreader doesn't work for now, so then, no new outfit photos to post). Would you read it?

*) Why flowers? I guess I love flowers. I'm actually not that kind of sensitive person but sometimes flower could calm me down (white rose especially). And this one grows in my garden, I took this photo several months ago oh my god-_-

 *)My forever favorite kind of skirt. I definitely have more than 1 like this and I can never have enough! Mom told me to try another kind of skirt but I'm stuck with this. Ever bored? Yeaaa....no. Hahahahaha but we need to explore new things. So many new favorite things to show youuu but you better blame my card-reader for now. Oh well I'm gonna go to college so lately I bought a casual pieces of clothes. But casual is cool, right?;)

*) Lastly, my cute comfy prom heels. The hype clear material shoes, from my friend's shop We One Way Design. Made me feel like a cinderella and yes, I wore a blue dress that time *see my previous post* hahahahaha. I love shoes, because that could affect our whole look. Have I told you about this? Imagine. You wear a sequin mini dress but then you pair it with flip flops. It would look very flat isn't it? It would look amazing if you pair it wit you favorite heels, or your stunning platforms or boots or wedges. There are so many kind of shoes offers to you in many shops, you only need to find the right one to you. Ok, not only one but so many!

Until we meet again, pals. See ya!

Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

Summer Vibe ft Dskon.com

Good evening ladies, how are you? I'm finally here! There are 2  tests left but don't worry I'll be here again soon
So now we're entering summer season, although its still raining sometimes in my city. I'm happy that I think I could wear my short again, but I need to bring my jacket or coat also. To fulfill your need of your outfits, you usually confused where to find the perfect one. You love not only a brand but plenty, but also don't wanna get too tired to shop by their store one by one. But thanks in this modern era, that problem has been solved! Have you ever heard of Dskon.com Dskon is a trusted group buying website that offers deals and discounts on fashionable items from various online shops. You can check what's in it here
Here are several store that included in Dskon.com

It offers you amenity. Amenity of choosing, and the most important is the very simple and clear way of payment. And not up there only, they have some articles related to fashion, such as article of talented fashion blogger. It could be your reference and maybe something to read on your spare time. Click here to check them out!

But what I love the most is about their awareness of fashion news. They're update, they share you fashion tips even from their own customer. How a sweet concept! This is the article that acoording to me, is very useful information to share. So what are you waiting for? You could start to check this website and find your perfect match of clothing from your favorite brand :)
You miss a lot of things btw, such as my Ganesha Award event. Will tell you soon. Good day pals!

Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

Gnomeo & Juliet

Good day, pals! I'm ready to rockin' this world again :D my last week outfit:

 OUTFIT: Hardware denim dress, sister's old knitted tweety crop top, unbranded beanie, socks gallery socks, adorable projects studded loafers

Was watching 'Cinta Brontosaurus' and almost all of the part of the story was true! Hahahahahaha. And I felt like gnomeo and juliet because of this beanie. He was wearing beanie too but it wasn't the blue one ;;)

PS: just check my instagram for my newest update guys. Have a good day:)

Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Page 1

It's a brand new day after all. It's almost been a month since my last post. I keep breaking my promise since that day I guess. Everything's getting unclearer despite of the freedom that blows over me after my national exam became deeply felt by me. But this isn't the end.
I don't know where to start. I really don't. I will start to blog in a proper way again someday, could be tomorow, or the day after tomorow, or next week
I miss blogging. I really do. But I have not get the feeling yet right now. I'm just busy enjoying my life with friends and family. Yes, who else? They're just great. Socializing like a new baby born. Or I should say I did  the opposite lately.
It's only a few weeks, but things changed unexpectedly extreme. It's not about them, it's me. It's me the only matter in my problem. Ups and downs. With no reason sometimes.
This question always running in my head to  peoples who always blamming something to other people, pretend that they didn't do anything wrong: 'when was the last time you think about anything except you?'. And not infrequently I'm asking that question to myself. I'm afraid of being selfish because lately I feel something changed in me. I really need help. Friends offers helps, but I never asked to them.
Sorry for all of the unreplied comments, emails, and everything. My pc is about broken and I'm not about want to fix it. I can't open the attachment via email, and it's sometimes running very slow. We hate slow, don't we?
Last but not least, I wish you a very happy weekend. As usual. I hope I'll get better in my next post.
Love from here!:)

Minggu, 17 Maret 2013

You know I'm no good

"I cheated myself like I knew I would
I told you I was trouble
You know that I'm no good" (Arctic Monkeys - You Know I'm No Good)

OUTFIT: flowery dress (from my cousin's shop), urban label yellow necklace, unbranded hat, guess rubber watch, socks gallery over knee, clique suede oxford

Morning light always amazed me. Discover another part of my house to take pictures. And this place isn't too hot like the other place I used to take pictures hehehe. And I present my hair, at it's best! Also, i bring you my mom's tissue box. It's totally cute with it's flowers ornaments :p

This watch has been accompanied me for about 2months, since I lost my black watch last week; the forever soulmate of mine, the blue one becomes my everyday partner.
It's Day-29 to my national exam guys (Do I have to tell you in my every post that I'm soooo nervous to face it??). Things that makes me more nervous is... The announcement of my SNMPTN! It's an invitation channels to continue to the college, based on your score on your report from the 1st until 5th semester of high school.
Happy weekend! The songs I posted in every post, isn't my recent things to listen. But maybe you could understand it someday :)

Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

It's 7 in the morning

And I miss you
OUTFIT: sister's esprit stars printed top, hardware asymetrical skirt, adorable projects studded red loafers , unbranded lennon sunnies

"...and I'm still here behind you in the corner of your eyes
I never really learn how to love you
But I know that I love you through the hole in the sky
where I see you.." (The Cardigans - Communication)

It feels like I took photos in a graveyard. With all of these effects. Hehe sorry :p and btw I don't fake those flares. It was really hot this morning
Wish me a huge luck because next monday is my final school exam!