Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2016


This was the third time I visited Brown Canyon, still haven't bored. The sky is always fascinating to see; the orange horizon, clear blue sky, and cotton candy sky with fluffy clouds.

*I wore my sister's jumpsuit (really love to borrow this one hehe, it's Mango), another sister's army parka, forever21 sandals

Anyway, I had a meeting with an old friend of mine from junior high school phase, been such a long time since the last time I met them. The conversations began and flow until one of them asked where I'm studying now since I moved on the second year. They reminded me of how I was really passionate in studying International Relations and asked why I dare to left, with perplexity, if I might add, because I wanted it that bad that my friends know it.

So let me tell you,

I was scared.
It was my dream since I'm still on the elementary school, I know.
I thought I was lost when I left,
But then everything's get better day by day.
Then I found myself lost again.
But no, it's not the end.
Again, a dream is only a dream if you don't struggle for it.

I'm not sure on plentiful things afterwards,
I can't decide, everything's blurry.
You know, life has it's ups and downs,
Now it's my time to chase the other dream.
And I realized, my only limit is me.

And now I'm holding tight to that quotes. It doesn't matter what I'm majoring now, I'm a free wanderer of my own dream.

I will stick to those people who believe I could, and support my activities in order to pursue my dream.

Hang your dreams high, ladies.
Happy Saturday!

Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

DIY: Glasses Strap

If you don't know what to do on your last days of holiday, here I present you how to make a glasses strap ;)
This was actually a last minute idea to customize your glasses. I only bought the rubber ring and the rest are my stock for @nativecraft. Hehe. Here we go!


1. Cutter plier
2. Arch plier
3. Clamp plier
4. Chain (60cm)
5. Beads
6. Rubber ring for glasses
7. Hook nails
8. Rings (0,5cm)


1. Insert a bead into a hook nail

2. Cut the excess with cutter plier

3. Arch the nail inside or outside with the plier.

 *tips: to make it better, after arching the nail, bend the nail at the tip of the arch into the opposite direction with clamp plier until it looks like a goose neck.

4. Do the same thing for the next 5 beads (total 6 beads)

5. Connect the nail and the ring with a clamper. You only need to open the ring, make sure after you connect it, the ring gap closed perfectly.

6. Do it for the next 3 arrangement, make it double

7. Cut the chain with the cutter plier (4cm each), make it double

8. Connect the chain and the arrangement with a ring (use step no. 5)

9. Connect the excess chain to both of the arrangement, with rings

10. The most important thing, connect the rubber ring to the chain with rings.
*tips & trick: if you can't find any store that sell this rubber ring, you can customize it yourself with a rubber seal (in smallest diameter) which is very easy to find: electrical store! And you can use pen spring for the spring, adjust, and done!

11. Your DIY glasses strap is ready to wear!

You know, sometimes it feels better when you create your own thing because it could satisfy you better.

PS: is there anyone going to we the fest? Well see you there ;p

Kamis, 04 Agustus 2016

15 Minutes

1 post daily because I have time. Pictures left, all captured by my cousin on my 1st day in Jogja. You know this very famous restaurant, Lokal, especially after AADC 2 took this place on one of their scene.

OUTFIT: Divided by H&M collar sleeveless dress, 8wood long outerwear, Biondi sandals

And FYI, I bought some clothes but never been able to capture it. This outer for example. I bought it about 2 months ago. Hehe.

 I won't bubbling this time because it's too early in the morning, so why not a playlist instead?
1. Jonas Blue (feat JP Cooper) - Perfect Stranger
2. SG Lewis (feat Gallant) - Holding Back
3. Hermitude - Through the Roof
4. Sam Feldt - Been a While
5. Tom Misch (feat Loyle Carner) - Crazy Dream
6. Ta-ku & Wafia - Meet in the Middle
7. Wave Racer - Bubble Wrap
8. Muramasa (feat Nao) - Firefly
9. Odesza (feat Py) - Echoes
10. Kygo (feat Kodaline) - Raging

Happy Thursday!

Rabu, 03 Agustus 2016

Strange 20

Turning 20 might not seem to be a big deal in the beginning, until the wishes came and everyone keep acted as if everything will be different after 20 and you have to be aware with your age. At least that's what my relatives & acquaintances did toward me.

*the sky between Semarang-Surabaya

My July 17th this year went strange. I got flu days before it, and on July 15th I felt cold right after I left a technical meeting with permission in my college at 8pm. Drove home and I didn't really think that my body's temperature would reach 39.7C. Long story short, I was still cold until the next day so I decided not to attended my event which was started on July 17th where I supposed to be incharge as a liaison officer for delegates of a local chapter. Guilty feeling all over the day. Nevertheless, I should be happy as I turned 20 that day.
I don't even have my birthday picture because I didn't celebrate it even with my family because I need to get rest, prepared for the next day, because my event held on July 17th-20th so I need to get recover asap.
FYI, I had to stay at hospital for 5 days in June which was fasting month, because there was amoeba & bacteria swim in my digestive system: dysentery. Also had a great fever, 39.7C (after consumed febrifudge) and experienced major headache before. Worst condition in my entire life, I guess.
You know, July is holiday and break month so I actually already get used to celebrate it at home. But this was my first time of got sick, had to absent from my duty, and had a birthday in one day. Pretty cool. God's plan is the best, I know it for sure.

I received this present a week after my strange, hectic days. Pretty much fixed some things. I thank God a lot to granted me sickness and tight schedule in a right time so I had no time to worry about anything else beside those things that I believe if I had no agenda I would get very emotional and even more dying. As I have tweeted it before (yes I'm tweeting lol): "Bustling over something gets you clumsy, but apparently it could make you think straight." and that's the fact. Human mind works beautifully different with each other and all of these things that happened to me blooms consciousness of how I should defend myself from anything that hurt me, understand that nobody deserved to be demeaned, and resentment should be damped for the sake of our peace of mind.

May you have splendid days this week, people.

Senin, 01 Agustus 2016

White Light

Listening to Shura is quite addictive, no?

Anyway Jogja was my destination for this month trip due to my semester break. It's been quiet long since I don't live there aaand now I need google maps more often than before.

OUTFIT: unbranded lace tank & drappery pants, Biondi sandals, ARC.ART neck scarf

Mesmerized. That's gonna be a perfect word to describe what I thought when I first saw the interior design of RM. Demangan. Visited there on my 2nd day, captured some corners, and this place surely need no filter at all. If you guys don't know, RM stands for Rumah Makan which mean restaurant and they dish up heavy meals and Indonesian specialty snacks. Surely a must-visit place to dine in with your family or friends.
Should had been there back then to do a project but unfortunately it had to be cancelled and I'm quiet happy that finally I could be there.

My lovely nephew and his dad,

Will write anything soon! My semester break is going to run out in couple of days and writing helps to keep me sane somehow.
Don't forget to check @arcartlabel , a clothing line of mine in collaboration with my sister. Now provides you some scarves, because we understand what you need.