Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Bird's Blue Eyes

Influenced by Dita Von Teese style. And this have been my recent daily look. Haha

OUTFIT: Juzzie bird print dress + ring, mom's denim shirt, sister's bag, unbranded belt, converse sneakers

I used to love wedges a lot but now I prefer to wear sneakers, flats, or even flatforms just because to be comfort is my priority now. And now I'm no longer accesories-less!! haha
I'm kind of 'missing something' since I entered high school. I decided to wear something simpler, because yeeaaa if you had followed my blog since 3 years ago, you will find a big different between now and the past. I used to wear bright color or lace tights, boots, 'heavy' outfit like tweeted jacket in a hot sunny day.. And I don't know why.... I used not concerned with all the words they said but then I considered things and here I'm now. But now I miss the attention of wearing a weird, out of the box, and colorful pieces of clothes.....
Happy Holy-Days!

Minggu, 23 Desember 2012


I should've post it a week ago. I wore this to my friend's birthday party and it was fun.
There's no conspicuous difference compared with my daily style. I would only wear heels and put a make up on. And I'm lucky that time that my sister was at home hehehehehehe.

And this time I bring you my sister that you probably know. She done my hair-do & make up, even all of my outfit belongs to her wardrobe :3

And here I'm, entering the tough time. And now it all depends on my effort to change my own fate. Wish me a huuuuuugggggeeee luck :")
Oh and also thanks for Juventine Wu and Yunita Elisabeth who had nominated me to the Liebster Award . Sorry I couldn't post it :(

Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Carrousel Picnic

Saturday outfit

OUTFIT: juzzie sheer sleeves, bag & unicorn necklace, blogshop bandits pink short, HARDWARE bowler hat,  selittoes flat

Life have been so rough these days, but once again I wanna thank God for the blessings to my family :):):):):) I realized that the way to be happy is keep positive thinking. And maybe that's why life seems so hard for me because sometimes I stay negative....to only one person whereas God has given me ease.

In the end... Set your problem free, and if you have a choice, try to pick just one choice. Choosing two of them might harm your brain hahaha

Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

Stars in Daylight

I actually wanna laugh to see my face here :))
By the waayy you can find me on instagram: @mutianugrabita

OUTFIT: pastel in jewellery galaxy top, thrifted short, riotsbarbie sunnies, misschic wedges, sister's socks

Allah have been very kind to my family alhamdulillah.
I have done my final semester test and now... wishing for the best! So many things to do on holiday, also I will clean my wardrobe which means I'll sell some my stuff or next maybe I would like to call it as holiday wipe out. Oh wait it's not holiday but it's time to study at home actually because I'm a 3rd grader of high school. But let's take a deep breath, and break for a while. Could I?

Happy Weekend!

Selasa, 27 November 2012

It's reasonable

I'm a quite person. I suspect much, but expressless so I usually don't say it to peoples. I'm not a good speaker. Or sometimes it called as thoughtful not to say the random things running in my head. Haha. Besides all of that, I have a dream; no it's not a dream but its a goal to be an International Relation student :/
In the middle of my final semester test. I just wannna keep my promise to keep posting :)

OUTFIT:  unbranded dress, blazer & glasses, socks gallery socks, selittoes flat

Sabtu, 24 November 2012


I don't care though he said that this skirt is quirky. I think it's gorgeous. That's why I described my style and labelled my blog as Peculiar + Gorgeous ;)
Btw it's actually my last week outfit. Gonna post my friday outfit on saturday or maybe....SUNDAY! hehehehe

OUTFIT: Gaudi top & gold skirt, sister's clear satchel, HURS flatform, madame butterfly necklace

Tired face, sorry. Goodnight peoples out there. I'm missing you guys here :)

Minggu, 18 November 2012

Green wednesday & Pink saturday

I just felt comfort to wear turbans lately

Zara  sweater, unbranded dress and turban, sister's flat (selittoes)

I have the pink flat one. I wore it on the next outfit but it didn't catch by the camera :p

Theeeenn it's my niece birthday on November 7th! Doesn't she looks incredibly cute?

Mycandyhijab turban, sixence tribal top

Oh I wanna tell you something.... Lately my mood is very easy to change due to every moment happened. Last week was a confusing week. It turns out that decided a decision in a short time was not an easy matter. I think that always be my problem in this last year.
God bless me. God bless us. Goodnight