Senin, 27 Agustus 2012


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Before, I have to postpone my Jogja trip pictures because I still don't have all of the pictures yet, because some of them taken from my cousin's camera hehe.
Let's just talk about the other thing. Weather, for the example. I'm not even sure is it summer or what? Because sometimes the sun shine brightly and suddenly it could turn to be cloudy. Then cold in the morning, hot in daytime till night. I happen to live in Indonesia, Semarang city. What have we done with this world...... Now all we can do is adjust with this. Uh oh and for you guys who just started study on your new college, and start your school after Eid holiday, adjust! :))))

Outfit: Retail Therapy mint cape, sister's tank, thrifted floral short, HURS flatform, FURLA candy bag in glitter gold, RIOTSBARBIE yellow sunnies, watch (gift)

Did you notice? In every single post, I often seen wearing sunnies, and I never share to you where did I buy it haha. It's from riotsbarbie, Sonia Eryka 's shop. All of the sunglasses series are way too stunning and I really love them all. Since I love yellow, so I bought the yellow round one :D
AAAAAANNDDD yes I wear furla, recently hype jelly bag from Italy. It's actually my mom's, but in the end my sister who often wear it. And lucky us, we could bought the original one. It's much different with the fake series ;)
The shoes, yes the shoes, I can never get enough of wearing this thing!! Look taller without pain hahaha.

Hope for the best. May my dreams come true next year, and next month..........hehe. Amin :)

Kamis, 23 Agustus 2012

Eid flare

It isn't way too late to post about this. Happy day +4 Eid Mubarak 1433H for those who celebrate! How was your eid day? Mine? Just GREEEEAATT :D

Oh btw, the 1st, 4th, and 5th picture taken by my cousin, @adityorahadi ;;)

Had a very tiring day but lotsssa fun alhamdulillah. Hope we still can meet ramadhan and of course, eid mubarak next year o:)
And actually, when I said sorry from my blog, even twitter, and anywhere, it means for everybody. So, as you see on my last post, I'm sorry for those who have been hurted by me. I just think that I should apologize directly, but hey we don't know if they would give apologize to us or not. But well, there's no harm to try. I'm not completely wrong, but let's just say so. It's hard to explain if the people already had stigma about us, though it's only "a little". Do you realize it guys? There always peoples who give a negative response, even we do positive things.
So by now, let's start to be a positive people and let other peoples do and say what they gonna do and say. They just don't know what is really really really going on with our life! :D

*Upcoming post: my vacation to Jogja!

Kamis, 16 Agustus 2012

Realizing our confidence

Life is too short for only listening to peoples arguments and critics about us. It’s time to set ourselves free, give us a space from all of those thingy. Sometimes we need to give compliments to ourselves, just to realize that our life isn’t like everybody said to you. For simple, isn’t that bad.
But sometimes.. There are people who need to be commented. But..(again) she/he just don’t wanna listen to everybody’s argument, even that’s  a positive one and bring her to a better life... Till one day, there’s people who dare to “knock down” her/him, and she/him still don’t wanna listen to them. I know, they have reason for not listening to other peoples: because they’re got confidence. She/he believes, that if they stay with their confidence, they sure that they will be happy, whenever at the end they ended up regreting their confidence. That one called idealist

outfit: HARDWARE turtle neck, urban label necklace

Well then, about maturity, I'm 16 now. In this very young age I've been experienced so many things, include being evil. Heeeyy, there's a reason behind everything that we do! I couldn't say it's a revenge nor my hatred. No, but I couldn't explain it letterally.
And dear everyone, today I learned something. Before you ask the person that you hate to appreciate or highly think about you, please ask the person that you love to do that first. If the person who you love appreciate you, then everybody will do the same. I think. -_-
It's get closer to August 17th, Indonesian independence day, and also eid day. So, Happy Independence day, Indonesia, and happy early eid day! Sorry for all of my mistakes, my harsh words, and my daily long hiatus :)