Selasa, 27 November 2012

It's reasonable

I'm a quite person. I suspect much, but expressless so I usually don't say it to peoples. I'm not a good speaker. Or sometimes it called as thoughtful not to say the random things running in my head. Haha. Besides all of that, I have a dream; no it's not a dream but its a goal to be an International Relation student :/
In the middle of my final semester test. I just wannna keep my promise to keep posting :)

OUTFIT:  unbranded dress, blazer & glasses, socks gallery socks, selittoes flat

Sabtu, 24 November 2012


I don't care though he said that this skirt is quirky. I think it's gorgeous. That's why I described my style and labelled my blog as Peculiar + Gorgeous ;)
Btw it's actually my last week outfit. Gonna post my friday outfit on saturday or maybe....SUNDAY! hehehehe

OUTFIT: Gaudi top & gold skirt, sister's clear satchel, HURS flatform, madame butterfly necklace

Tired face, sorry. Goodnight peoples out there. I'm missing you guys here :)

Minggu, 18 November 2012

Green wednesday & Pink saturday

I just felt comfort to wear turbans lately

Zara  sweater, unbranded dress and turban, sister's flat (selittoes)

I have the pink flat one. I wore it on the next outfit but it didn't catch by the camera :p

Theeeenn it's my niece birthday on November 7th! Doesn't she looks incredibly cute?

Mycandyhijab turban, sixence tribal top

Oh I wanna tell you something.... Lately my mood is very easy to change due to every moment happened. Last week was a confusing week. It turns out that decided a decision in a short time was not an easy matter. I think that always be my problem in this last year.
God bless me. God bless us. Goodnight

Minggu, 11 November 2012

One of many zeroes

Attended my sister's best friend wedding. So happy for her!

To be honest I can't do make up. So I just applied mascara & eyeliner; even the eyeliner applied by my mom!

I have a problem in arranging my shoes.... I can't find two of my shoes within 3 weeks hahaha where are they....-_- below is my outfit the day before

Gaudi dress, mom's purse, charles&keith shoes

I got a quote for you:

"Decide your decision soon or you will burdened by it in the future"

Yap. It should be a code for myself :/ goodnight!

Senin, 05 November 2012

12 years passed

And my sister's leather dress still rocks
Went to my friend's birthday partyy and I did a little make up heheh :p

Yupp I'm rocking this gold sweater againn hehe. I didn't plan to wore this shoes, but I can't find my black ankle boots so I grabbed this one.... Not too bad? Please say yes -_____- The ring? Yes the ring! I got it from hardware

Recap for this week's outfit:
Sixence peplum top, colorbox tribal skirt, converse

Ooooookayy, I had promised to myself that I will start to be a "real" 12th graders so I want to be a bit.....or else muchhh focus on my study. And sorry for the neglected emails and comments, be patient and I will find a spare time to have a quality time with youuu my lovely readerss and friends <3 p="p">
See you when I see you guys!

Jumat, 02 November 2012

Soul Fusion

It's way too late to promote this event. But PENSAGA 2012 was TOTALLY AWESOME!
It was held on October 27th 2012 at SMA 3 Semarang, featuring Glenn Fredly and Bondan ft fade2black. Unfortunately I'm not one of the committee hehe :)

Psssstt. I really love my new flowery pants, my sixence peplum navy top, and of course my DIY bracelet! :D

Had an early dinner first!

And my face was totally bad hahaha! sweat was everywhere

Do wait for my upcoming post! Sorry for the long hiatus. I'm not in a good condition right now (re: sick) anddd it's haaaarrrddd to reach my laptop because all I wanna do was lay up at my bed.
Me love ya guys!