Jumat, 09 Mei 2014


What I don't really enjoy from movin is that we have to re-arrange everything. The things that we used to know won't be the same. The things I love from living abroad and stay alone is I have my me-time every single time!
I did a lot of movin' lately. Movin to the new dorm, movin out from problems, movin' my priority; what have to be done first, movin' my heart (I'm not really sure for this one :p), and...moving forward of course.

OUTFIT: friday to sunday turtle neck tank, NATIVE necklace, unbranded lace short and beanie

I really need to take a photos to show you guys my (not really) new hair. I actually want to cut it shorter but I didn't have much courage because I think it won't suit my face shape, regarding to my weight that increasing month by month. I don't know why, usually those who living abroad lose their weight, but this doesn't apply for me hahaha. Should I cut it again?

Oh, still with my uber fav photogenic transformers mug, I couldn't resist it coolness!
And dear people, stay fab and cool in every situation, don't really think of unnecessary things, let go of things that burden your heart. Happy friday!

PS: what if I hold a giveaway and the prize is one of my NATIVE necklace? And how if I hold it about...next month? You agree? Keep update my blog ;p