Jumat, 20 Juni 2014

Art Fair Jogja 2014

Am I comeback too soon? :))
I would like to share an event in Jogja that will end in June 22nd (so I post it as soon as I could), Art Fair Jogja 2014 with "Legacies of Power" theme placed in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. I didn't capture all of the masterpiece but you can enjoy some here. Just scroll down.

At the front of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta you would see this. I think it describe how our leaders is.

Most of the creation tells us about how our artists sees the politics in Indonesia. They expressed it from their creation and some of them are very thoughtful. But I'm not really touched cs it seems like they hate an era; youknowwhatimean, a lot. Like it's the darkness age for Indonesia. Why people............

But overall, I adore most of the creation :)) btw can you find the different between these 2 painting? Wops I'm sorry I'm blocking haha

By the way, this was my outfit of the day. Have I told you that I lovvee cloud pattern like crazy? And this one is my favie bcs it's so comfy, and artsy anyhow hahaha.




You would see many of this signs in Jogja

My favorite part of the fair! Haha


And we (me and mom) ended the day ate lunch at my favie place, Holycow! But I don't know why it's still much tastier and more delicious at Jakarta (all of the outlets)

Happy freeday!

Rabu, 18 Juni 2014


Since the days got hectic for the past few days regarded to my test yesterday *ifyouknowwhatimean , I had no chance to post it. Well actually I took this on June 6th aaaaaanndd this was my outfit to Dental Project 2014; a venue held by Dentistry UGM. And it was awesome with TULUS and Maliq & D'essentials as the guest star.

OUTFIT: juzzie dotted mesh dress, unbranded belt, juju black heels, gosh clear clutch

That day was too hectic and I did something that caused a fatal error. Can you imagine, in that day you should be happy but you forgot something to do and it give a big impact to another...and...you...regret...it...... That was a big deal anw. Am sorry, my bad.

And oh, the election come closer! For you, Indonesian ppl, who will you vote? I've seen many of the bloggers choose num. 2, but I'm on the other side;) I believe you guys vote for the better future of Indonesia BUT with different background; our knowledge and how we trust news sources.... I refuse to read the media because they will cornered num. 1 (yes, isn't it? haha admit it) and prefer to trust his closest people that told me (directly & indirectly) what really happened in the past. I'm kinda an old-fashioned mind concerned with this matter, who believes that it's still good to rule a nation with an old style (?) even though improvement is very very very needed