Jumat, 04 September 2015

Some shadows are demands to be shown

These are some old photos before I trimmed my hair due to my hair-loss problem, even wayyy before the fasting month. For daily updates of outfit and landscapes pictures, follow my instagram @arabita_

High neck or as I formerly known as turtle neck is one of my favorite items since I was in junior high school. This year when this high neck is back to trend and many shops sell this kind of outfit, I ordered some heehee and this one from Retail Therapy is the best purchase I've done so far. Anyway if you following my blog since the beginning and if you notice, Retail Therapy is also one of my favorite place to shop because they have a loooott of cool stuffs (basically I love winter outfit and they're selling outerwear, sweaters, coats so...we click!). I personally recommend you this local brand. What's not to love from them?
The floppy hat came from family stuff . You guys could get them in a very affordable price.

So what's the relation between the title and this post?
I only want to say to the girls all around the world, that we don't need to create "an image" too much in public. Once you create an image, you will be slipped there and it will be harder to get up and show your true self. Shadow here means your flaws, your past whether it's good or bad, etc. People will judge you anyway.
"Actually, you don't have to cover it all because time reveal."
Time can do anything.

(To be continued)

Have a great day!

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Bellamoreway mengatakan...

Loving that turtleneck top! and yes, we just need to reveal our true color rather than making a certain image for other people to like us. Anyways, originality is what makes us stand out.

Dyn mengatakan...

Nice! xx