Kamis, 02 Juli 2015

Gray Scale

It's a lil bit windy today but I'm in the mood of wearing some easy dress. Well you know if I wear a dress, that doesn't mean I wanna look more feminine but I'm on my lazy day.
Lately I love this kind of front tied-up detail (which is hype right now) so this item can't be missed for your wardrobe. Wondering where I found this dress? Scroll down

OUTFIT: COLORBOX sweat dress, shoecorner slip-on, KLAR transparent necklace

Yes they come from COLORBOX. No wonder, right?
It's such an honour to team-up with them :))

Well, people. In real life, I'm socially awkward. That becomes a behavior and that get worse every single day. It's such a minor culture-shock (in my own hometown) (yes I know it's weird). It started out from the first semester and getting worse this whole semester. Poor me? No. I'm the one who could save my condition, get me out from this situation but I still don't know where to start.
So, guys, all I wanna say is, being yourself is such a crucial thing that you have to do whenever and wherever you are. It's not only a teen-quote, believe me. Never have a bad-thought at the beginning of anything. Don't worry of people will accept you or not, just let everything flow. Because if you're doing the opposite, it will end badly. Even worse that you've worried before.

My awkward face because I didn't know that my friend already pressed the shutter button but it turns out to be the best pose. Look at those baloons! At least it can make me happy until tomorow.

Have a good day!

3 komentar:

dluckyf p mengatakan...

kak mau tanya, itu tasnya beli dimana kalau boleh tau. terimakasih:))

Bella Sonnia mengatakan...

Kak, mau tnya juga dongg , tas almanya beli dimna ?? Pengen bangett niii hehehe

jessica elsanty mengatakan...

Aah I remember that dress! Wanted to buy it tapi lupaa teruss wkwk nice styling kakk! Do you mind to follow each other on Google+?