Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

Where have you been?

*Is she lost?
No. She's only trying to survive in the jungle
*Does she lost her hope?
No. She believe.
*Is there anything we can do to make her lost her hope?

No, I don't get fatter. Yes, my skin burned.
I'm sorry for absent for more than a month, I'm pretty busy and reaaaally not in a good mood to take pictures. Do you miss me guys? ;)
And here we go, holiday! Get ready for the upcoming overload photos :3
I'm mad with tribal, and this is 1 of my tribal stuffs I got from sixence, combine with DR for BloopEndorse signature legging, Paul Smith bag, and Gosh wedges. Everything seems (almost) perfect, except the 2nd picture because I look very very fat because of the legging.
So, keep visit mine yaa, Goodnight!