Kamis, 25 Juli 2013

Called out in the dark

I'm missing this world for each day of my daily-non productive-life! I really do. I got so many stories to share, start from my graduation, my promnight, even until my birthday on last july 17th! Too bad I couldn't share them to you guys

*So why now when you get a chance to blog, you don't share what you gonna share?
**Well then let them happen anw, you can stalk me via instagram thou :p just try to post random pictures and create a random story (yeaa beside, my cardreader doesn't work for now, so then, no new outfit photos to post). Would you read it?

*) Why flowers? I guess I love flowers. I'm actually not that kind of sensitive person but sometimes flower could calm me down (white rose especially). And this one grows in my garden, I took this photo several months ago oh my god-_-

 *)My forever favorite kind of skirt. I definitely have more than 1 like this and I can never have enough! Mom told me to try another kind of skirt but I'm stuck with this. Ever bored? Yeaaa....no. Hahahahaha but we need to explore new things. So many new favorite things to show youuu but you better blame my card-reader for now. Oh well I'm gonna go to college so lately I bought a casual pieces of clothes. But casual is cool, right?;)

*) Lastly, my cute comfy prom heels. The hype clear material shoes, from my friend's shop We One Way Design. Made me feel like a cinderella and yes, I wore a blue dress that time *see my previous post* hahahahaha. I love shoes, because that could affect our whole look. Have I told you about this? Imagine. You wear a sequin mini dress but then you pair it with flip flops. It would look very flat isn't it? It would look amazing if you pair it wit you favorite heels, or your stunning platforms or boots or wedges. There are so many kind of shoes offers to you in many shops, you only need to find the right one to you. Ok, not only one but so many!

Until we meet again, pals. See ya!