Jumat, 12 Juni 2015

Friday Stroll

Good Afternoon people. Weekend comes along and have you prepare your weekend look?

Well I suggest you to try this look: misty jogger pants from COLORBOX's sport collection and some sleeveless top that come from Friday to Sunday to deal with the heat. I picked this comfy pants so I don't have to worry to wear it in this season because it's much more comfortable instead of jeans (did I mention comfortable too much?). Dark color helps to conceal my huge thighs. So, it's a basic must-have item right?

Just made it casual because it was hot outside and so I could move freely. Because believe me when it comes to hangout with close friend(s), I can't handle to do some silly gesture. Pointy flat shoes will pop this look, without lessened it's comfort. But btw, don't forget to add final touch like: accessories. Of course it's from NATIVE, local brand by me hehe.

Happy weekend!

3 komentar:

Aquila Enrica mengatakan...

haii dedek sayang!
that jeans look good on you! so chic!

salam ketjeh,

Graciella Shiaryn mengatakan...

Nice look! Anyway mind to follow each other via blog&insta? :)


dluckyf p mengatakan...

kak tasnya itu beli dimana kalau boleh tau, terimakasih:))