Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Morning Invasion

Enjoy the morning rain always makes me feel good.

Pastelinjewellery galaxy sweater, whatiworestuff twisted headband, thrifted short, socks gallery socks, rubi loafers, juzzie spike ring

And by the way, that's just my favorite mug ever. Transformers!! Could it be cooler? I got it from US Spore hehe :D

As time goes by I really need to convince myself about my future. In the near future I have to confront my own fate, and I really confused to decide which faculty will I choose. The registration had opened since last february 1st. But even until now I haven't do the verification. Whatta life.
But behind all of it I really feel blessed. For all the chances to live in a better life, after everything we've through. And in a spare time I have, I usually spend my time to sleep. But I still have a lot of things to do because next week my bar exam will be start. Some of them will be done in a group, but we've to do it ourself for all of the science subject.

And I don't know why I always spend some time to manage this blog..:") haha

15 komentar:

Bellamoreway mengatakan...

galaxy sweaternya lucu bangeeet <3 omg me too -_- aku bahkan belom dikasih password yg buat milih fakultas. well,gdluck on the exams!

Jessi mengatakan...

Love the galaxy print sweater and your knee high socks!
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Allison Taylor mengatakan...

So fun! Rainy mornings are pretty relaxing. Your galaxy sweater is killer!

Amira Rahayu mengatakan...

Love your galaxy sweater!
i'm from Semarang too :)


Caroline Susanto mengatakan...

I really really love your sweater >.<


randa saputra mengatakan...

awesome pothography.... its so amazing at all

Andudei Hardyanta mengatakan...

woe you're so cute!
than you for visiting my blog. your galaxy sweater is nice, and that mug! I WANT IT!

sabrina maida mengatakan...

you look so cute !! i love your jacket dear


Ruby and Rosa mengatakan...

love your galaxy sweater ❤

Meilina Utomo mengatakan...

Loving these lovely pictures :)


fhenny mengatakan...

one of my fave outfit from you!
totally love the galaxy sweater!!

style frontier

febrina utami putri mengatakan...

cute photos! and i really love this outfit, everything is just so perfect!

Merlyn Macella Widjaja mengatakan...

love your galaxy top!
btw happy valentine's day!
thanks for your comment on my blog


Anonim mengatakan...

that mug.. is so freaking cool!

xoxo, Mich

mualliffachrozi mengatakan...

kereeennnn...!:), jalan2 ke blog aku juga yaaa...:))