Kamis, 24 Januari 2013


Having a day off, and it's so mean to me. A day off for me means another productive day (should be). Due to the lack of spirit I have today, so I only spent my day to take these shoots and try to learn mathematics since I'm not really good at this lesson. Physics? Chemistry? Hahahaha..... I'm neither good at all of that subjects.

OUTFIT: unbranded nude tank , avenue lace short, bloopendorse jacket, charles and keith bag and wedges

Parents suggestion is needed in order to take a decision. But then don't let it rules all of your life. You have to follow your passion, but observing the reality required either. Don't do things you don't really in it. Its okay if the purpose of you do/did something is to make your parents happy. But if in the end you feel you really can't take it anymore, try to convince your parents and make your parents proud and happy in your own way :)

And the last. It's weird for me to see some peoples suddenly commented very much in a problem, whereas they seems like never know and even care about it before. Please don't try too much. Even if you really know it, comment it properly.

Goodluck all :D

19 komentar:

juventine wu mengatakan...

love that lace short, love the look! xx


Gabriele mengatakan...

oh very nice outfit once again hun. :)

Karina Novia mengatakan...

beautiful one :)


Hannah mengatakan...

Those shoes are adorable! It would fit a lot of clothes in my closet!


Caroline Susanto mengatakan...

Cute look ^^ I love your wedges and bag ^^

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ZxM Style-Squared mengatakan...

love the bag and the shoes!!!!


Bellamoreway mengatakan...

loving your outwear and also the bag <3 and yes, we gotta follow our passion.im on the 3rd grade and im pretty confused about choosing university :"

True mengatakan...

Gorgeous shots!


Merlyn Macella Widjaja mengatakan...

I love your outfit..!
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febrina utami putri mengatakan...

you look amazing! love everything you're wearing here :)

The Fierce Berry mengatakan...

great drape jacket!! love the colors on this outfit :D

livlovelaugh mengatakan...

you are so cute~


Lindsey Louise Bales mengatakan...

i just adore you purse here! you are darling and so is this outfit!

lindsey louise


Iena Absharina mengatakan...

look so cheerful! nice outfit :)

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megcasson mengatakan...

cutest outfit pictures.
cutest outfit.


Putri Valentina mengatakan...

love the shoes and the bag dear :D
matching :)


Ag Fenwick mengatakan...

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Bellamoreway mengatakan...

pengennya SBM ITB nih,semoga dapet undangan amiin! and you?:)

b e a t r i c e mengatakan...

Great blog and post! I will be here more often, I'm ur new follower!
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