Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

The best or perfect?

Simple question, hard to answer. Or if it seems that it doesn't matter, you'll find it hard in the "proper" time ;)

OUTFIT: juzzie big houndstooth printed outer, unbranded tank, n.y.l.a flare skirt, hardware hat, pastel in jewellery proenza schouler bag, misschic peep toe wedges

Had been craving for this proenza schouler bag for months and finally got my own!

Haha I had been stressed out last week till the weakest condition of me and I'm dropped and got sick but thanks since wednesday everything's got better! The weather was averagely fine, but it's kindda confusing because every sunday is raining. I posted most of my post in sunday and I mostly said that it's raining. Am I right?

And by the way guys, beware! Hackers everywhere. But this time somenone tried to make a fake account of mine and... even the person set it to be private profile but I'm 100% sure that this person wrote or posts something.....might disfigured my name. Maybe you could help to report this profile as spam? Thanks!

Get ready for the next bunch of tests. See ya!

11 komentar:

Carly mengatakan...

I love the colour of your bag - so cute :) x

Jnny Edwr mengatakan...

beautiful style :)

fuel the jet,

Bellamoreway mengatakan...

much love for the houndstooth outwear <3 andd your skirt is too cute!

Jessi mengatakan...

Love that floppy hat and pretty bag :) I just had someone make a fake profile with my name and photo too! Scary stuff.

Allison Taylor mengatakan...

your new bag is perfect! Glad you splurged :) I'm sorry about the fake account!! Hopefully you can figure out how to delete it ASAP

Adeayu Hadijah mengatakan...

the bag is too cute ^^love this style!

visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

ChaahSarah mengatakan...

I hope that fake account will be blocked soon :)
good luck for the tests
love this look <3<3<3

Andudei Hardyanta mengatakan...

how cute, nice blazer, dear.
Oh thht damn fake account, I hope It will never happen to me.

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine mengatakan...

Lovely outfit dear, I love your bag and blazer !!!

I invite you to join my WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY !!


Chintya Dewi mengatakan...

Good luck for your test :)
Btw, mind to follow each other? ☺

Novarinna Tan mengatakan...

i love totally your outfit.. lovely looks <333

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