Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

It Was All Yellow

Listening to coldplay while writing this post. Teehee.

Had a family gathering on last January 29th at Sentul and decided to extend my trip because I don't know what to do at home. FYI, this is the most unproductive college break ever for me.

B visited me and we were exploring the city with all the dramas we must live with on Tuesday and Wednesday. Haha oh no that's not the truth, we were not exploring the city, just did some mall hopping. We've already had an itinerary but it was (almost) all failed. Our relationship is kinda strained (from my side. yeaa my side) and I really appreciate him that he can live with that, until now. If you ever read this honey, thankyou. Don't give up on me.

On Friday I met Dea. Meeting my sister from another mother is mandatory if I'm around. We had a good chips, coffees, and talks. But I'm gonna post pictures of myself (only) anyway hehe I love you Dey!

OUTFIT: ATS outerwear, unbranded pleated dress, CHIEL mules, ZARA bag

Anyway, life is always better when you have someone to talk to, right? To talk about your routines, interests, even your wildest dream. That's just...soothing.

Have a good day:)

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Lovely place to shoot photos <3