Rabu, 18 Januari 2017

DIY: Fringe Pants

Doing this kind of stuff is always fun, actually. As posted on my previous post, I wore my DIY fringe pants and I would love to tell you how the process was but I only took one (not even proper) picture of it and it's not even the step :")
So here we go: The equipment.

1. The pants you never wear
2. Tassels
3. Sewing-thread and Needle
4. Scissors

I didn't use any measurement tools, hehe. That's not good.
My trick was determined the edges (the stitches area, right and left) and the middle part. I sewed 8 tassels each side of the leg (3 on the front, 2 on the edges, 3 on the back) and tadaaa you have a new pants.

Anyway, do you prefer to read or watch? Perhaps in the future I would like to make some tutorial video of DIY stuffs. Still learning how to make a good video so it would be clearer. Therefore, I'll keep writing of course.

Oh, have a good rest everyone.

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