Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2016


This was the third time I visited Brown Canyon, still haven't bored. The sky is always fascinating to see; the orange horizon, clear blue sky, and cotton candy sky with fluffy clouds.

*I wore my sister's jumpsuit (really love to borrow this one hehe, it's Mango), another sister's army parka, forever21 sandals

Anyway, I had a meeting with an old friend of mine from junior high school phase, been such a long time since the last time I met them. The conversations began and flow until one of them asked where I'm studying now since I moved on the second year. They reminded me of how I was really passionate in studying International Relations and asked why I dare to left, with perplexity, if I might add, because I wanted it that bad that my friends know it.

So let me tell you,

I was scared.
It was my dream since I'm still on the elementary school, I know.
I thought I was lost when I left,
But then everything's get better day by day.
Then I found myself lost again.
But no, it's not the end.
Again, a dream is only a dream if you don't struggle for it.

I'm not sure on plentiful things afterwards,
I can't decide, everything's blurry.
You know, life has it's ups and downs,
Now it's my time to chase the other dream.
And I realized, my only limit is me.

And now I'm holding tight to that quotes. It doesn't matter what I'm majoring now, I'm a free wanderer of my own dream.

I will stick to those people who believe I could, and support my activities in order to pursue my dream.

Hang your dreams high, ladies.
Happy Saturday!

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