Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

DIY: Glasses Strap

If you don't know what to do on your last days of holiday, here I present you how to make a glasses strap ;)
This was actually a last minute idea to customize your glasses. I only bought the rubber ring and the rest are my stock for @nativecraft. Hehe. Here we go!


1. Cutter plier
2. Arch plier
3. Clamp plier
4. Chain (60cm)
5. Beads
6. Rubber ring for glasses
7. Hook nails
8. Rings (0,5cm)


1. Insert a bead into a hook nail

2. Cut the excess with cutter plier

3. Arch the nail inside or outside with the plier.

 *tips: to make it better, after arching the nail, bend the nail at the tip of the arch into the opposite direction with clamp plier until it looks like a goose neck.

4. Do the same thing for the next 5 beads (total 6 beads)

5. Connect the nail and the ring with a clamper. You only need to open the ring, make sure after you connect it, the ring gap closed perfectly.

6. Do it for the next 3 arrangement, make it double

7. Cut the chain with the cutter plier (4cm each), make it double

8. Connect the chain and the arrangement with a ring (use step no. 5)

9. Connect the excess chain to both of the arrangement, with rings

10. The most important thing, connect the rubber ring to the chain with rings.
*tips & trick: if you can't find any store that sell this rubber ring, you can customize it yourself with a rubber seal (in smallest diameter) which is very easy to find: electrical store! And you can use pen spring for the spring, adjust, and done!

11. Your DIY glasses strap is ready to wear!

You know, sometimes it feels better when you create your own thing because it could satisfy you better.

PS: is there anyone going to we the fest? Well see you there ;p

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