Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

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It's a brand new day after all. It's almost been a month since my last post. I keep breaking my promise since that day I guess. Everything's getting unclearer despite of the freedom that blows over me after my national exam became deeply felt by me. But this isn't the end.
I don't know where to start. I really don't. I will start to blog in a proper way again someday, could be tomorow, or the day after tomorow, or next week
I miss blogging. I really do. But I have not get the feeling yet right now. I'm just busy enjoying my life with friends and family. Yes, who else? They're just great. Socializing like a new baby born. Or I should say I did  the opposite lately.
It's only a few weeks, but things changed unexpectedly extreme. It's not about them, it's me. It's me the only matter in my problem. Ups and downs. With no reason sometimes.
This question always running in my head to  peoples who always blamming something to other people, pretend that they didn't do anything wrong: 'when was the last time you think about anything except you?'. And not infrequently I'm asking that question to myself. I'm afraid of being selfish because lately I feel something changed in me. I really need help. Friends offers helps, but I never asked to them.
Sorry for all of the unreplied comments, emails, and everything. My pc is about broken and I'm not about want to fix it. I can't open the attachment via email, and it's sometimes running very slow. We hate slow, don't we?
Last but not least, I wish you a very happy weekend. As usual. I hope I'll get better in my next post.
Love from here!:)

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