Minggu, 11 November 2012

One of many zeroes

Attended my sister's best friend wedding. So happy for her!

To be honest I can't do make up. So I just applied mascara & eyeliner; even the eyeliner applied by my mom!

I have a problem in arranging my shoes.... I can't find two of my shoes within 3 weeks hahaha where are they....-_- below is my outfit the day before

Gaudi dress, mom's purse, charles&keith shoes

I got a quote for you:

"Decide your decision soon or you will burdened by it in the future"

Yap. It should be a code for myself :/ goodnight!

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Bellamoreway mengatakan...

love the batik dress <3 congrats for your sister's best friend! i just attended my best friend's brother wedding too~

Milex mengatakan...

So good, so impressing.

Ruby and Rosa mengatakan...

your dresses are gorgeous !
pretty you :D

kelimutu mengatakan...

your shoes is really pretty and perfectly match with those dresses. (:


Tasnim Hassan mengatakan...

you look lovely! the dress is sopretty


JANICE G mengatakan...

congrats to your sis!

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Kdotorg mengatakan...

Incredible outfits, I love the first one.

livlovelaugh mengatakan...

you are sooooooo adorable!!!!! I love your dress here too! Congrats on your sister's friend's getting married!


wisnu murti mengatakan...

So Cute :) MAen balik Yuk

Sofies closet mengatakan...

Beautiful dresses :-)

Anonim mengatakan...

batik always look pretty :)
hey, wanna follow each other via GFC?

sweet and sugars,

Eliza Pellicone mengatakan...

Love your style ;)
I like your blog, would you like to follow each other on GFC? :)

Marla Singer mengatakan...

amazing dress <3


Adeayu mengatakan...

so pretty!
I love the Batik dress :D
it's ok if we can't do make up, we can learn, I can't too, and still learing from my friends and mom

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Ilmah Ismail mengatakan...

and i love your wedges!