Sabtu, 24 November 2012


I don't care though he said that this skirt is quirky. I think it's gorgeous. That's why I described my style and labelled my blog as Peculiar + Gorgeous ;)
Btw it's actually my last week outfit. Gonna post my friday outfit on saturday or maybe....SUNDAY! hehehehe

OUTFIT: Gaudi top & gold skirt, sister's clear satchel, HURS flatform, madame butterfly necklace

Tired face, sorry. Goodnight peoples out there. I'm missing you guys here :)

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Estilo Hedónico mengatakan...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! :)
I follow you now!
If you want we can follow each other on facebook and Bloglovin!! Let me know!! :)


Myra Abdullah mengatakan...

its really gorgeous in you.Just be bold dear =D

Marsya Aulia Rizkita mengatakan...

love your shoes ! so cute :)

wanna follow each other ?

mutianugrabita mengatakan...

thanks <3

Diana mengatakan...

This is so cute :)