Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

What's Up

A beginning of a story usually started in the morning, when the warmth of sun slowly supplant the coldness of night. But it started at night, right before we sleep. We often found ourself contemplating life in critical hour before sleep. The time when we make an attempt to sleep but actually got things in mind. It distract. It disrupt.

When you didn't say what you actually had in mind, when you didn't do what your heart told you to. At the final of the day you realize it all, and ponders why. As simple as this thought: "Why didn't I wear that long dress instead of this LBD? I would had look better and now I have no chance to wear this pretty long dress anymore". People say "The things that will make you regret are the things you didn't do", and I must say it's true.

Happiness, is subjective. Sometimes it's free, sometimes it cost you some penny. There are people who are happy just to see the blue sky with some fluffy clouds, strolling around the city, or just as simple as able to see their parent's smile. But there are also people who are willing to pay a bunch of money and queuing for an hour++ just to sit in that 2-minutes-excitement machine, roller coaster. There are also people who are willing to spend a little big amount of money to go travel and on that point, the happiness had just achieved. Those all cause the same thing: boosts the release of endorphin hormone in our body which create the sense of happiness and pleasure.  The thing is, people are often forget to be thankful of what they already have in life.

Worrying about the future. If you've done good things, then what to worry? That's the key. Do our best now. Once again, do not let regret ruin us. If we're a little bit too late to realize that we haven't done much things to support our future yet, we can start it like right now.

And here we are, when we still have a trouble to sleep. We tremble before sleep, and wake up with that uncomfortable feeling; heavy heart, wrath, and disappointment. That day won't go well. It's the worse feeling ever.

To all people struggling from this kind of trouble, let's take a deep, deeper breath. If we can't pull it away from our mind, take a baby step by getting us some healthy activities: doing some exercise, customizing things, tidying your corner, or just simply hangout alone or take our companion with us. Read books, or enhance your spiritual activities.

The world is too beautiful to feel sad everyday. If we think that way, we need to change our circumstance. Move.

Have a good day.

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in the time of discovery and velocity of technology, people nowadays just have a vary explanation of their own happiness. thus we see them as endorphin junkie