Senin, 17 Maret 2014


Hello peeps! I learn a lot for the last 6 months, and uh hey been a longtime! Now I run my own little shop named NATIVE, you can find it HERE  . It's like finally (one of) my dream come true! Go visit them for sure and you'll find necklaces designed and made by myself with an affordable price :))
I took a lot of outfit pics but the world turned and everybody goes to instagram, so do I. Outfit of the day has become a lifestyle for everybody, I guess the world should thank bloggers from anywhere it is who has spread it to common people (yes bcs bloggers was from common people too). I found not only the people I've been knowing since I blog but there are many new comers and they're awesomely great. The different is bloggers do write and igers only post pictures, and another great thing is people can enjoy it, without have to read (for those who only want to see a references of outfit). Blogger's instagram was about to spread their site more to people, but it turned different now, in a good way, somehow.
I'm a bit missing those time when blogger's website are sooo hype, hyper than their instagram account, when people really into blog, when our fav blogger Diana Rikasari got a lot of comments in every post she posted (admit it). That's kindda cute to remember.
So here it is, some of the pics I took, as long as I remember it was between 2-3 months ago. Oh yes, my bad. I didn't even notice the picture I choose captured the same shoes haha. It's all raw photos so please sorry the lightning

Yes she's my personal photographer hahaha no. She helped me to push the shutter button. The camera of course already stand on a tripod. And we experienced a little accident when I tried to carry her

And this one is older, but I don't know when is it. Why so sure that it's older? Well, just notice my hair...

I guess all I want to say is, I miss blogging. Goodnight all

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Bellamoreway mengatakan...

yeah, i also admit that instagram is like another way to blog maybe bcs its more pratical, and its good bcs readers can see our pics easily! but i kinda miss the moment when ppl were so into blogger...

anyway adore your outfits! waiting for your new outfit post :3


Anonim mengatakan...

pretty nice blog, following :)