Minggu, 16 September 2012

The Social Climber

You guys are certainly know this terms.Social climber are those who seeking for popularity through their famous friends, famous bf/gf, and everything that could create sensations in their community.. There are several kinds of social climber, and the most widely we used to see in daylife are those who "climb" through their friends. Fortunately, I'm not kind of this human, Alhamdulillah :)))) I do what I love, and glad if peoples love it too.

OUTFIT:  Nefertiti dress, Adorable Projects  flowery flatform, sister's headband, mayonette bag

Recently prefer to buy things online hehehe and I was dreaming about having this dress since forever and finally got it when nefertiti held discount ;D own this shoes accidentally because actually I ordered the red one, but this flowery isn't bad at all!
Had some quality time with friends :D faced my day with a huge of happiness and got home with a smirked. That's how life goes.

Happy weekend! xx

9 komentar:

Claireta Teressa mengatakan...

super love your dress and shoes ♥

Minna mengatakan...

You look really lovely and I like your style! You don't need to use your friends or anyone else to achieve popularity! :)

eudoraa mengatakan...

cute dress and cute photos with your friends (:


Myra Abdullah mengatakan...

you always looked cute dear =)
and beautiful photos with friends =)

Adeayu mengatakan...

super cute dress :D it's more cute with you dear. hehe
seeing your photos with your friends makes me miss my bffs too.. :(

visit my little cream button♥

kelimutu mengatakan...

thanks for follow dear..
love all the things you wear on this outfit. you look cute on it! (:


Bellamoreway mengatakan...

heart the shoes <3 lovely pictures dear!

Viona Cindytia mengatakan...

Nice outfit ! :D

t mengatakan...

Cool cutouts on that dress!