Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

The author is getting older

*Sorry for low quality images*
So... Finally I'm 16th! Any hopes? A lot! Can't share all of them here. I'm glad to have lovely peoples around me and what I love the most of this year is my parents remember my birthday! And my father and sisters also gave me a little surprise by gave me cupcakes and macarons with candle shaped "16" above it. Too bad I don't have the image because I was very sleepy and right after I blew up the candle, I slept again -_-" sorryyyyy because in the morning I gotta go to school. Aaaaaannndd the good thing didn't stop here. I woke up in the morning and someone gave me a surpriiiiiiiiisseee! Excited level: more than 90000. And continued, I got a lot of wishes from my friends. That's more than enough.
I know I'm not 17th yet but this year...... will be a though year for me. I'M ON GRADE 12!!!! Too nervous, wish me luck :|

So....... I will tell you a few of my wishes. But now I really hope that I could be an International Relation student at UGM for next year, 1 of the best university in Indonesia placed at Jogja. And I wish that I could get taller -_-_-_-_-_-_-

Btw some of my class farewell images...

Taken at: Umbul Sidomukti, Bandungan, Central Java

Will miss you elasticans !!!

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rae mengatakan...

lovely photos and happy birthday, darling!

xx rae


Chintya Dewi mengatakan...

happy birthday! wish u all d'best dear :D
what a yummy cake, and cupcakes :)))

im following you now, mind to follow me back dear? ^^

sara josephine - sartob mengatakan...

happy birthday! hope you have an awesome one! happy 16 ;)


Nava mengatakan...

Wish you can be at the international relation, yay! We got the same interest too, see you there next year! ^^ You have an amazing blog, mind to follow each other? :)

PS: I don't post shits... :p

See you soon on my blog!

Ruby and Rosa mengatakan...

happy birthday!
may your wish come true and you can go to your wanted college !
and it seems you have a great time in farewell trip :)

eudoraa mengatakan...

happy birthdayy to you!

hi, i'm your new followers :)

want to follow me back? here, eudoraeudoraa.blogspot.com


Akiko mengatakan...

Happy belated birthday! You look lovely and the cake.. so yum! Thanks for your comment and I don't see you in my GFC, but if you follow me, I'll follow you right back too :) xo akiko
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Chyrel Gomez mengatakan...

OMG! You are still so young. Happy Birthday and have a happy Sunday! =)

Fede P. mengatakan...

happy birthday darling!

unitatan mengatakan...

thankyou for the sweet comment :)
anyway, happy belated birthday darling. may you have a greater year ahead. Enjoy your teenage and high school moments because once you get into college you'll miss it so damn much!

.Le Reveur.

Dewanti Primayani mengatakan...

happy belated birthday, dear! <3

Dewanti Primayani mengatakan...

oh and i've followed u too! <3

DhieVine by Dhika mengatakan...

waw! happy blessday dear..thanks for the comment on our blog


Laura (White Winters) mengatakan...

The flowers look beautiful!


Nikki | The Ginger Diaries mengatakan...

A late sweet sixteen! I hope you get into that university :) good luck! xo Nikki