Sabtu, 14 April 2012

You can stuck in the moment

But you can't get up.

unbranded stripe sweater (from my friend's online shop), unbranded skirt (from SG), unbranded camera ring

Miss your childhood? Miss your old memories? You can only remember them for a while, but don't take it too long. Make it to motivates you. Memories live in your memory, to cheers you up, make it for your lesson, for your brighter future, and not to make you sad and stuck in a memory. It means, that you keep dreaming without seeing the reality. You can move, but you don't wanna because you already feel comfort with this.
That's not good for your health -_-

So, why did I have an idea to make this post? First, I found my old toy (now my nephew & niece toy). Then I missing my childhood. Life used to seemed very easy. Not so fun thou, but...very simple.
And can you belive me? I'm sick again. The last time I was sick was about 3 weeks ago. Pathetic.

Anyway, goodluck for the national exam, dear 3rd graders senior hi school :) Hopefully all of the students can pass the exam, especially for my school. And I think it brings a lot of positive energy + benefits for the junior. Haha. GBU all ;)

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10 komentar:

Claireta Teressa mengatakan...

i love your outft!


myra abdullah mengatakan... red =D

cute and catchy =D

Vika Vinessa mengatakan...

Love the touch of red!!
defines passion!! :D
btw, i have followed your blog.. wish you follow back...



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Rosalinda Tjioe mengatakan...

You look adorable! Love all the reds! X

Chocolate in Fashion mengatakan...

veryu nice pics!!!!!!

Mani mengatakan...

I'm totally in love with this outfit! It looks very chic and stylish!:)


Lunapark Queen mengatakan...

OMG!! Really interesting to share hat on same day :) I had he same one with you, the red one when I was a child.. But this one is a gift from Lacoste :)) Super nice :) Kisss!

METROX LOVES YOU the blog. mengatakan...

You're super cute in red! Lovely!!

PS: We will officially launch METROX ONLINE STORE real soon!! Stay tune, stylish girl! ;)

MLU the blog.

Christine mengatakan...

Drink more Vitamin C! so you won't get sick so much? :) oranges and apples! I remember having a viewmaster when i was in elementary school! hahah.

We should follow each other! Check out my blog and let me know what you think, girly! HUGS from USA! ^_^

God bless

Mikhaela Cherry mengatakan...

haha remind me of my old view master! miss my childhood now lol...& cute outfit! :)