Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

The duplicate

The new hype social network in town. Twitter clone my friend said. I said, twitter duplicate. What's the different????

Founded by Noah Everett (@noah), I still can't find the specialty beside it has no (much) different with twitter system. The excesses of itself? Hmm, I think because there are still a few persons who have heello account so it can "run" fast. It doesn't have the application for itself yet, like Tweetdeck for twitter, and the mobile apps doesn't exist yet too.
There are new terms here.
Twitter: Follow --> Heello: Listen
Twitter: Share / tweet --> Heello: Ping
Twitter: What's happening? --> Heello: Share what you're doing
And you can find by yourself another extraneous terms. If search button on twitter could search the tweet by given word, it could search the users.
Could it beat twitter? Hmm we'll see

PS: my account: @mutiatn

3 komentar:

JESSICA mengatakan...

very similar with twitter. very interesting though!


little shadow mengatakan...

Hmmmm sounds like it has potential. But I'm a one or the other kind of gal! x mengatakan...

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