Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010


I've been tagged by Tika Margareth Sooooo, 10 things that I love are:

My God
My parents
My uber dirty light blue kipling bag (You have to see it later)
My friends
My w890i
My everbest
My blanket
My twitter account
My gray blazer
My school shoes
Had a super busy days at this week. Felt so tired, but it's fun enough. Last week was my first badminton exercise at school. I had a trouble of moving my right hand (Yes, I'm a right handed of course) and my leg after did those excercises haha.
Seems like I done all wrong hh, sorry for all of my trashes words here, this blog is my open-diary too so I want to tell you somethin' . I HATE this when I have to decide something, and the worst is you've decided to choose the wrong decision (?). In a simple word now I'm regret my decision. If now I'm still with my first decision, I have NO trouble now. I can breath freely at least. But what did I do? :( I'm not a happy person but someone told me that my mind is still pure, full of creativity that must be enhanced. Still "that man" said that I'm a kind person, open minded, polite, have no problems, not thinking about having a boyfriends (a bit wrong), have to enhance my knowledge, focuss on school (WRONG). But the truth I have a lot of problems and sometime I hide it by myself. I'm not sure with what I said before, or what I've done. Yes, that's me.
FORGET IT. Playing around agaaaaaaiiin

All unbranded (except the belt - gaudi)

Happy friday night ya all. Enjoy your weekend :)
Uh oh and my october wish are:
Could pass my mid test
Get a new camera from my mum
PENSAGA will be a very cool event, without no problems
Find someone or something who can make me feel better (yakss, too much mut!!)

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eelectroCutee mengatakan...

ahhh.. cute tights!! want it,,LOl
where did you buy it?

eelectroCutee mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Rebecca Clairine mengatakan...

cute tights!
me like ! :D

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Marissa Abigail mengatakan...

cute tights! thanks for visiting

Irene Melia Puspita mengatakan...

lovely tights!

visit me back.

sartob, si tobing, tobbily mengatakan...

omggg, i loooove your tights! so cute ;)
anyway, wanna join bloggers meet up?

mutianugrabita mengatakan...

I made it myself :) Thankyouu all