Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

holiday project 1: Fringe poncho

Good Afternoon, long time no see! It's Sunday which mean it's my 7th day of holiday. I'm sorry I can't post anything before it because I'm not in a mood to blogging.
Yes you can see that I've change my blog name, templates, clock and twitter box cause I'm bored with the old one :) . But what do you think? Better "SCAMPALOOZA" or "Not 100%"? Just leave your comment at this post or maybe my shoutbox.
For only wasting time, I have 2 project that has done in this holiday. The first project is make a Fringe poncho from my old short that can't wear as a short again, because the rubber is damage.

and there is no the result after I stick the ribbon to the top of it. I'm sorry hehe. But it's cute enough for me

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