Sabtu, 21 November 2015

Serious day

Seriously, I need a firm reminder to blog. You know, it's when there are a lot of things to share but you don't make time to write, it feels like your head is going to pop, like a popcorn. So finally today, I blog *yeay* *cheers*
So this #ootd post is occasional, which means I would rarely wear this look but it happened to be my recent style to attend a wedding.
About the skirt, it's not too tricky. You only need to wrap your batik fabric here and there to create this look and it's easy. Just simply match it with a simple top (and I would pick the comfiest one, in the most neutral color). And a clear pump wedges of course. I don't know why I always love this combination :"))

A simple hair-do and make up if you want a minimalist look, or the opposite for fascinated look. A minimalist look would be better for mid day (noon) occasion!:)
Enjoy your Saturday.
Regards, Me.

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