Kamis, 10 September 2015

Time can do anything

As I wrote on my previous post, time can do anything. Do you believe that?

"Time elapse, memories stay" . Memories and time. Two things that we value more than anything in this life because we can't buy it with money. They even could create their own relation.
Time could make something more valuable. The older the age, the more valuable it will be. Memories consist of events happen in several certain time. Good memories get us crave for those days back, bad memories teach us about the meaning of life or simply knock us in the head what's good to be done and what's not on the next time.

Time heals. Time kills. Time covers. Time reveals. Time bounds. Time separates.
 Time can be very friendly but it also can turns out to be our enemy if we don't use it wisely. So, use your time as well as possible. Treat it as well as it could be and finally, regret nothing.

Have a blessed Thursday!

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